Common Questions Regarding Social Security Disability Benefits Records and Forms

Should I provide all my medical records and reports to my attorney?

Not necessarily. The best thing to do is to wait and see what your lawyer asks for, if anything.

How about if my physician provides me with a report even though I didn’t ask for it?

Sometimes you will receive a disability form from your physician that he or she has filled out at the request of your insurer. If you do receive such a report, don’t forget to provide your lawyer with a copy.

How about if the Judge instructs me to have my physician fill out a form?

Occasionally, judges want physicians to fill out forms discussing the amount of work, if any, that a person seeking disability benefits is capable of performing. If you receive such a form from a Judge instructing you to have it filled out by your physician, you need to consult with your lawyer. An experienced North Carolina disability attorney will be able to advise you how best to deal with such a request and may even request that the form be sent directly to him or her rather than your physician.

So is there anything that I should forward to the Judge?

No. Generally, you should not forward the Judge anything without consulting your attorney beforehand, especially substantive documents that could impact your case.

Who should I sent the “acknowledgment” to? The Judge or my lawyer?

The “Acknowledgement of Notice of Hearing” is a document that you receive along with the Notice of Hearing. The purpose of this “acknowledgment” is to make sure that you are aware of the hearing date. This is the rare instance when it’s okay to send a document directly back to the Judge without consulting your attorney. As a general rule, however, you never want to send anything to the Judge or the Social Security Administration without showing it to your attorney beforehand