Proving Difficulty Sitting

If your medical condition causes postural limitations, especially those related to sitting, you might qualify for Social Security disability benefits. However, proving that the act of sitting severely interferes or prohibits your from being gainfully employed is a complex and tricky process, especially with regards to the questioning process at your disability hearing. A well-qualified North Carolina disability lawyer will be able to properly prepare you to provide the detailed and specific information that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is seeking in order to qualify you for disability benefits.

If your primary problem is that your ability to sit for long periods of time has become limited, the key issue for your qualification for Social Security disability benefits becomes whether or not there is some job that you are able to perform. However, being simply unable to perform your job is not enough to qualify you for benefits. You need to specifically prove to the SSA that your residual functional capacity is limited because you are unable to sit for long periods of time, or if you have some specialized requirement such as needing to sit in a special chair that is not available at a job.

In seeking the information needed to determine your qualification for benefits, you will be asked various questions dealing with what you need to do after sitting for a while, whether breaks are sufficient, or how long out of an 8-hour working day you need to sit. In answering any question dealing with your limitations of sitting, you need to make sure you provide answers that are relevant and detailed.