Filing Disability Claims and Appeals

Social Security disability claims can be filed online, in person or via telephone, depending on your preference. Basic information will be requested during the process. Your signature will be required before the application can be processed by the Social Security Administration.

While a lawyer is not allowed to sign an application on your behalf (unless appointed by a court to do so), you may benefit from the assistance of an attorney either during the initial filing procedure or during an appeal. A North Carolina disability attorney can answer your questions and help you ensure the best outcome in your case.

Your case will be examined by a disability examiner to determine whether eligibility requirements set by the state are met. Evidence will be reviewed during this process to decide whether or not you are disabled and entitled to benefits.

If your initial disability claim is denied, you have a remedy through the appeals process in most states. An appeal is simply a request for the board to reconsider your original application. It can be effective if your denial was based on improperly filed paperwork or some misunderstanding about your case.

A new team is required to review reconsideration cases to ensure fairness. Depending on the outcome, your next step may be to request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge